OSea Island Facts and How to Get There



If you’ve never heard of this secretive island, its history dates back more than 5000 years! Its long list of ownership ranges from Edward the Confessor to William the Conqueror, an East London Brewery to Cambridge University, and a World War 1 Naval Base to its current owner.


What does it look like?

The island is surrounded by beaches with two gorgeous waterfront mansions and an array of beach cottages scattered around the island. The ultimate secluded spot for rest and relaxation, dining and drinking, partying and sunbathing.


What is it used for?

It has been a safe-haven for the secretive, the creative and the hedonistic for much of the last decade. The Weeknd, Jessie J and the Mystery Jets are among the many artists who have used the island’s secluded recording studio for their latest projects. It’s known for being a paparazzi free safe-haven for various celebrity shindigs over the years – though we can’t disclose who!


What’s the accommodation like?

Think English countryside and Hamptons shabby chic - all of the house’s furniture, art and wall hangings have been individually collected by the island’s owner over the years – one of the homes even has a centrepiece gifted by John Lennon many years ago.


Is it really an island?

Yes! you can only reach the island via a private road twice a day due to tidal times. Outside of these times the private road is covered with water so if you are arriving by car you must factor in these times! The tidal times for the weekend are written for you underneath so you’ll get on safely and in time.


O’Sea Island Map and Orientation

Please click here to view a map of O’Sea Island and the village. Donote that although the island is fairly big, all accommodation and the island’s venues& event space are within five minutes walking distance of each other. Even if you aren’t in the same house as your friends, you’ll always be next door! For those wanting to explore the island, there will be bikes available to hire and you can also join Enzo Barracco on his photography workshop, taking you around the island and showing you how to take the best landscape pics around.


What are the Tidal Times for the Weekend?

There are 2 time periods a day of approximately 3.5 hours each when you can safely cross the causeway onto the Island

Friday 14th Morning (7:54 am - 11:14am)      
Friday 14th Evening   (8:24pm - 11:44pm)

Saturday 15th Morning (8:31am - 11:51am)      
Saturday 15th Evening   (21:01pm - 00:21am)

Sunday 16th Morning (9:13am - 12:33pm)    


When should I arrive?

The Weekender begins at the Clubhouse from 6pm on Friday 14th July. Guests are welcome to travel to the Island during the morning tidal period but private coach transfer will leave in time for evening arrival.


Can I arrive on Saturday morning?

Guests may arrive by car or train for the morning tidal period on Saturday 15th July, but ticket prices remain the same for the entire weekend and will not be partially or wholly refunded in the case of late arrival.


So…. How do I get to Osea Island?

Return private coach transfers from London Victoria station are available to purchase for £33 per person. Coaches will depart at precisely 5:30pm to ensure we make the Osea crossing so latecomers will be left behind- we may be louche but we have to be punctual! The return coach will depart at midday on Sunday 16th back to London.

Regular trains operate from London Liverpool Street Station to Witham Station ( Train journey approximately 45 minutes) . Taxis are approximately £35 from Witham station directly to the Island. (Taxi duration approximately 35 minutes)


NOTE: The event organisers cannot be responsible for missed tidal times due to a lack of taxi availability at Witham station or delayed/cancelled trains. As such, we advise early arrival or private coach transfer.

The car journey from London Victoria Station to Osea island is approximately 2.5 hours. We advise you leave no later than 5:30pm by car to ensure you make the Friday tidal periods.


Directions By Car

If arriving to the island by car please be aware that the tidal road is located on the Maldon side of the island (SAT-NAV may try to take you to the south end of the island where there is no road access). The last point on the mainland before you cross the tidal road is

Osea Leisure Park
Goldhanger Road
CM9 4SA.

When driving past the Leisure Park please remain at 10mph as often there are families with children and pets walking along the track that leads to the causeway. When you arrive at the gate please whatsapp 07801267854 or 07738195996 for the gate access code. Then be prepared for a spectacular view across to the island!

NOTE: The event organisers cannot be responsible for late arrival due to rush hour traffic or closed roads. As such we advise early arrival or private coach transfer.


Where do I Park my Car?

If you are staying in the Manor House or Captains House, you may park your car outside the property.

If you are staying in other homes on the island, then general parking will be clearly signposted to direct you to the nearby designated parking area.


But if I do miss the Tidal Period?

Emergency Water Taxis can be organised by Heybridge Water Basin. However, these usually need to be booked in advance and cannot be guaranteed. It is approximately a 3 hour wait after the tidal periods for the water level to accommodate separate boat transfer. In the event of inevitable late arrival, please contact the event organiser on 07801267854 to advise the next possible island crossing.

Better to be safe than sorry – plan in advance or take the evening coach transfer.


Can I fly there by helicopter?

Of course! Approximately £600 per person ( 7 person minimum )

If the tidal times bore you, then give us a ring on 07801267854 or drop us an email at living@thelittleyellowdoor.co.uk if you would like to arrange Helicopter transfer from Battersea Heliport to Osea Island.



Are there shops on the island?

No, however we will have a Tuck Shop on the island which will have your weekend essentials!


What is the tuck shop?

The Tuck Shop will be filled with weekend essentials such as snacks, toiletries and premium bottles of alcohol for when the bars aren’t open! If you buy a box of matches, we may even chuck in a pack of smokes for free.

Please contact living@thelittleyellowdoor.co.uk // 07801267854 for further information about The Island Tuck Shop.


How can I Pay for FooD and Drink on the island?

Next to the tuck shop, there will be our very own trading post where you can purchase shiny yellow bills of "Osea Dollars"- the weekend's Island currency.


Are there loos on the island?

Your houses are never more than 5 minutes away from the island’s action if you want the perfect privacy! Otherwise there will be loos in some of the island’s pop-up locations.


Are there bars on the island?

Bars will pop up over the weekend at our various event spots for whenever you get thirsty – and will stay open late into the night!


Can we purchase alcohol on the island to drink at home?

 If you’re desperate for a nightcap or aperitif at home outside of bar opening times, the Tuck shop will have small bottles of premium alcohol available to purchase outside of bar opening times.



Can I bring my own alcohol or food?

We've hired out an Island - yes, a whole Island - so you can enjoy our unique food and drink experiences all weekend. Unfortunately this means we can't carry on doing this if you bring your own suppliees. So, The Little Yellow Weekender Terms and Conditions strictly prohibit food or alcohol being brought onto the island. Island Security will reserve the right to check all vehicles/bags and persons upon arrival. Any food or alcohol found will be confiscated and returned upon leaving the Island.


So the weekend is fully catered?

From Friday dinner to Sunday lunch, every meal will be catered for and available to purchase. We will be bringing the inimitable charm and home comforts of The Little Yellow Door's kitchen to the seaside for some true summer feasting.


Since the island operates a “No food brought in” policy, why does the ticket not include food already?

As we understand people may be coming at different times across the island, we wanted to give people the most flexible options. You can pay for your meals as you go, but we do recommend bolting on the “all inclusive” food ticket if you are planning on spending the whole weekend with us. At only £80, it’s a saving of £30 p/head. We will also have a Tuck Shop with basic food supplies to provide guests with an option to purchase food for their own cottage, but please note the choices will be limited and we do advise, as this weekend is all about a social gathering of like minded people, to come join in the activities and the food. Besides, the Little Yellow Door was renown for its great food, so we’re super proud of it! The all-inclusive food ticket includes food upon arrival Friday eve at the "Surf n Turf Shack”, Breakfast on both days, Buffet picnic Lunch, and our 4-Course Ultimate Dinner Banquet on Saturday Night! The most hassle & care free option, but also the most delicious!


Are linen and towels provided?

Yes! All of the houses and cottages come beautifully furnished with linen, towels and soap. Best to bring your essential toiletries with you, beach towels and walking shoes to get around the island or for lounging on the beach.


Are pets permitted?

Pets are only permitted with private bookings of an entire cottage. But do bear in mind, this is a party, not Crufts.


Do you have WIFI?

Yes. we have Wi-Fi across the majority of properties on the island. However, we advise you put your phone away and go out and socialise!


Are Under 21’s allowed to come?

The event is strictly Over 21’s only. Groups of up to 4 18-21 year olds may be accepted on an exceptional basis. Please contact living@thelittleyellowdoor.co.uk // 07801267854 for further information


Illegal Drugs?

Drugs are dangerous and illegal– please don’t bring them on site. Security will carry out sufficient checks to ensure none are brought or smuggled onto the premises.