This weekend is produced by Little Door & Co

The creators of the infamous bar, The Little Yellow Door in Notting Hill

We are the flatmates from The Little Yellow Door in Notting Hill Gate. Over two years ago, we opened up our living room to the masses and ran our acclaimed bar to huge applause, from punters and press alike.

It was our vision of the perfect house party, a place were people could meet in an unpretentious environment; and have whatever party they wanted, from chilling in the corner to getting wild and dancing on the tables. It was where we would want to hang out with our friends, and its where we did. So the journey began….

And now, after countless house and dinner parties, we are embarking on our dream of populating London with different coloured doors and our own, inimitable take on eating and drinking. We are getting the keys to our next flat in September and feeling in a jolly mood about all things yellow.

Is there a better way to celebrate than asking all our friends and supporters to join us for the ultimate weekend party by the sea? We certainly couldn't think of one...